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I' ve sent the letter in support of Joschka Fischer

I'm tired of this anti-Ukrainian and anti-east-european campaign today in Germany. Today I heard on Canadian Ukrainian FM from some German opposition leader something like: "They, Ukrainians, come to German to work illegal..." Shame on you speaker!.. That's over. We have to support J.Fischer.


Honourable German Minister of Foreign Affaires
Mr. Joschka Fischer

Dear Minister Joschka Fischer,

On behalf of thousands of eastern Europeans and Ukrainians
particularly, I’d like to express my sincere respect to Your and your
government’s outstanding position to protect our human rights.

I know Your government and You have a tough time today because of “the
visa scandal”. You were an author of one very human and very opportune
regulation to alleviate way to Germany for eastern European visitors.
Thousands of my compatriots have visited your beautiful country and it
was really “the Europe vision changing” experience for many. They come
back to change their countries and never forget such opportunity to
open Europe for yourself.

If some visitors have broken the low and regulations this cases had to
be treated as it supposed to be. But my deep concern – this is not a
political subject. No more prejudice and human discriminations toward
eastern European and especially to unfairly keeping out of the
European integration process Ukrainians.

To get a visitor visa is a tough business to thousands and thousands
loyal and positively minded Ukrainians. It not supposed to be like
this. Hopefully, within few last years it’s more convenient with
German embassy. Please, keep the way.

Best regards,
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